Water Consumption Control

Water saving solution features:

            A- by installing the water flow meter (can be directly connected to room controller) warning can be issued to guest and he/she can be asked to reduce water consumption.

            B- by installing a throttling valve water flow can be reduced after certain preprogrammed circumstances are present (the valve can be directly connected to room controller).

            C- by installing a throttling and shut-off valve manifold water flow can at first instance be reduced, and then even shut off.


Many pipe connection options are available depending on installation preferences. By installing a flood sensor the C option can also be used not only for water consumption reduction, but also for flood prevention. Such sensor can be also used with other options for flood alarm only (personnel intervention required). Sensor can be directly connected to room controller. As a result of this feature, there is a significant saving in water consumption and property damage.Further water pressure can be controlled on per room basis.